Conflicts in post-socialist states: Research and Contribution to a Peaceful Transformation
The key goals of this project were to create an international network between NGOs, young civil rights activists, young journalists, as well as experts and analysts from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Germany, and to create a platform for collaborative peace work that improves communication about the core competencies and expertise about conflict analysis and the devising of strategy papers.

In the context of this project, meetings of the partner organizations in St. Petersburg were conducted, an international network was created and synergies on an organizational level were created. Afterward, the summer school "Conflicts and Remembrance Politics: Perspective of a Peaceful Transformation" took place in Chisinau. 26 Participants from eight different countries came together - young journalists, analysts, civil rights activists, and sociologists, as well as experts - and took a thirteen-day trip through Moldau, Transnistria, and East Ukraine. During this trip, they researched topics for a planned publication of the project on-site. They were supported during their work for the project through workshops on conflict analysis, the creation of strategy papers, and the overcoming of hate speech and xenophobia.

Partner organizations::

Center for Independent Social Research (CISR St.Petersburg), Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation (Tbilisi), Institut für Journalismus der Ukrainischen Katholischen Universität (Lwiw), Integration and Development Center for Information and Research (Kiev), Zerkalo TV (Transnistrien), The PLURAL Forum for Interdisciplinary Studies (Chisinau), The National Association of Young Historians of Moldova (Chisinau), Center for Study of Social Practices (Tbilisi)


CISR e.V. Berlin:
Sergey Rumyansev
Sevil Huseynova
Elena Stein

Betreuer des Projekts:

CISR St.Petersburg:
Dr.Viktor Voronkov

Imagine Tbilisi:
Maria Kaarapetyan

UCU Lwiw:
Dr.Prof.Oksana Mikheeva,
Olga Myrovich

Zerkalo TV Transnistrien:
Svetlana Popik

PLURAL Forum Chisinau:
Dr.Petru Negura

Young Historians Chisinau:
Sergiu Musteata

Center for Study of Social Practices Tbilisi:
Eka Tsereteli
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