Memory Guides: Sources of Information for a Peaceful Conflict Transformation
The project was realized in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.

The most important goal of the project was to establish an international group of journalists and social researchers (in the broader sense public intellectuals) and to prepare them for collaborative work and the comparative analysis of different conflicts. This kind of analytical approach is one of the instruments to go beyond the dominating discourse about conflict. Within the framework of this project, conditions were created to enable the participants to gather experiences through the comparison of two conflicts - the conflict in eastern Ukraine and in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The key method consisted of being able to exit from macro-analysis into micro-analysis. This method contributed to the development of a discussion about ways to solve problems on the level of civil society and allowed for the recollection of peaceful, daily cohabitation and for successful practices of cultural exchange to be reconstructed.

Together, the participants created the necessary informational resources for the peaceful transformation of conflicts. The project was able to realize an original strategy, which consists of combining different options for deeper international collaboration. Intensive training and dialogue, which are necessary for the formation of international working groups, special training of the participants, joint accumulation of materials, and their analysis, collaborative work of an international multi-media platform were consequently realized.

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