Youth Exchange Programme
8—17 July 2022, Berlin
14—23 October 2022, Chisinau
urban space as a gamefield
Online meetings + two exchanges in Berlin and Chisinau
for 16 young people from Germany and Moldova.

Participants will meet together to exchange experiences, develop creative skills and broaden their horizons in the topics of study and interaction with cities.

Please see details below.
If we look at urban spaces as a gamefield, what rules would we change?
In the youth exchange programme Time to Act, within two offline trips to Berlin and Chisinau and online meetings, 16 participants will explore urban spaces via participatory art techniques and urban exploratory tools. Together we are going to rethink urban spaces around us through creative practices and develop new ideas about what our cities could look like. We will explore our "right to the city" and the role of the youth in urban transformation, answering the following questions:

○ What can we do to develop diversity-conscious, sustainable and social youth places in our cities?

○ What are our visions for the future of our cities?

○ How can we communicate our needs to others and find support?
The programme of youth exchanges consists of on-site explorations, small interventions, workshops, group work, participatory theatre practices and the development of game-performances as the project outcome.

The combination of these methods will build a special space for our social interaction and a sense of acting as a community. We value different cultural backgrounds of participants that will serve for the enrichment of the exploration and project results.

The programme of youth meetings will be supported by experienced facilitators and non-formal education trainers who work with theatre practices and urban studies on an international level.
Our values and approaches
peer-to-peer learning
We will propose a programme to selected participants that combines the above-mentioned creative practices and tools. At the same time, the design of the programme gives enough space for a joint decision making about the content and activities. The very process of interaction and the willingness of the participants to share their opinions and ideas is valuable for us.
pro-activity and collective responsibility
The results directly depend on the participants' input as the selected methods show a broad variety for independent actions and gently guide the participants through this process. During the first online meeting, we will take participants' wishes and ideas into account for the further planning of the programme content.
Till 15 May
Till 15 May
Open Call
Deadline for submission of applications: 15 May, midnight CET
1 June
1 June
Selection Results
We will inform about our decision by e-mail
18 June
18 June
Online kick-off meeting for selected participants
Getting to know each other, exchange of expectations, setting common goals
8 - 17 July
8 - 17 July
Exchange in Berlin
9 days, including arrival and departure dates

14—23 October

14—23 October
Exchange in Chisinau
9 days, including arrival and departure dates
During two exchanges we will
Use urban exploratory tools: urban walking, photography, participatory observations, field notes, creative diaries, collages etc.
Experiment with creative participatory strategies and methods that take city as a playground and citizens as players
Do small urban intervention practices to experience the places differently and to play with the image of the city
Work with the maps of our hometowns and test out ideas on the real urban spaces
Сreate our own urban participative game-performances, involving the audience and local communities
Mainly communicate in English, but also be open to German, Romanian or other languages
We invite to apply
Young people from Berlin* and any cities and towns of Moldova
* It is also possible to apply from other cities of Germany if you cover travel costs and accommodation in Berlin by yourself during exchange in Berlin. Travel costs, accommodation and meals during the youth exchange in Moldova will be covered.
Participation is expected in both youth exchanges
8 — 17 July 2022, Berlin
14 — 23 October 2022, Chisinau
Highly appreciated
Motivation and willingness to implement learned practices and tools in own cities and communities
No previous professional experience in urban research and theatre is needed but welcomed
Age of participants: 20-35
Terms of participation
We will select 8 participants from Germany and 8 participants from Moldova
The main transport costs, accommodation and meals are covered by organisers
Each participant only makes a contribution of 35 EUR
Sandbox of organisers and experts
Natasha Borenko
Curator of the educational programme
Fluid theatre maker. Born in Siberia, based in Berlin. Creates theatre- and art projects using methods of Game Design, Theatre of the Oppressed, participatory, documentary and site-specific theatre. Her participatory performances she co-makes with local communities and diverse groups of citizens. She also initiates international peacekeeping art projects made by interdisciplinary horizontally-structured collaborations between artists, educators, peacebuilders and activists.
Anastasia Puschkarewa
Project Coordinator, moderator
Implements non-formal educational and exchange projects for young people and professionals in the field of urban activism, promoting their engagement and participation, e.g.: „Act Out Loud", „Design and share your city", „Arts in urban places. (Re)invent and create" and others.
Lera Rumiantseva
Project Coordinator, moderator
Initiator and curator of urban projects and informal events in cities. Inspired by the power of urban grassroots activism. Has been leading urban gardening community for 4 years and initiative of the river development in St. Petersburg since 2018. Loves observing and touching urban plants around.
Elena Stein
Sociologist and political scientist, has been heading the CISR e.V. since its creation as the CEO of the organization. She is involved in the development and realization of numerous projects. Elena specializes in the organizational structure of NGOs and is a coach and trainer in the area of team development, social startups, analysis, and consultation of internal organizational processes as well as presentation and moderating skills.
Vitalie Cîrhană
Facilitator, partner in Moldova
Trainer in personal and professional development, quality of youth work and non-formal education. Director of "MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute since 2000 is experienced project manager in developing and operating national and international projects. Member of Pool of Trainers in SALTO EECA, with an ample background in youth field, formal and non-formal education.
Pasha Andreev
Producer of cultural, urban and educational projects. For seven years he led night tours of the abandoned park. Together with the community, he arranged 1 km of the banks of the Volga River. Likes to dance on the streets of new cities. Night Mayor of Ulyanovsk City from 2019 to 2022.

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CISR e.V. focuses on the support of civil society actors in post-socialist states and Eastern Europe. It implements research, capacity building, educational non-formal projects etc. for young people and experts, from the fields of urban activism, media, gender, migration, social sciences and others.
NGO MilleniuM implements programs in the field of personal, organisational and community development. It promotes non-formal education by encouraging civic initiative and youth work at the local level and across Moldova.
If you have any questions, please contact

Lera Rumiantseva