program for urban
development initiatives
Do you have ideas how to make the city more convenient and interesting?
Or you are already implementing your own project?
Do you want to find like-minded people in your city, region or abroad?
Then the School of Urban Pioneers is waiting for your application!

SUP is a non-formal educational and exchange platform for people working in the field of bottom-up urban development and change. It provides participants with extended knowledge, networking opportunities and joint reflection on the city and the role active city-zens can play in city development.

Urban pioneers are people who start new things in cities; do cool and trendy projects of the use of urban spaces and urban redevelopment; initiate temporary use of the spaces as well as local initiatives; and planning and discussions on bottom-up (e.g. example).
Period of SUP Chisinau:
November'22 - May'23

SUP languages:
Russian, Romanian, English
If you care about the city in which you live, are interested in the contemporary urban agenda and urbanistic approaches, have experience working with urban spaces and the public life in them, want to share your experience with other active citizens and learn about the experiences of others – this program is for you.

The program started in 2017 and since then it has been implemented in several cities in Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. This year the program will take place in Moldova and Georgia.

SUP Objectives:

  • Develop professional skills in urbanism, social entrepreneurship, and urban initiatives
  • Contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary urban community
  • Advice and support for urban initiatives, activists, young experts
  • Experience exchange among the participants of the program
  • Strengthening regional and international collaboration
Who is SUP for?
  • Citizens over 18 years old from Chisinau
  • People interested in improving the urban environment, sustainable development of the city
  • Who want to acquire knowledge, work on projects in the urban environment and share experiences with like-minded people
  • For aspiring urban researchers, striving to apply their knowledge in the field
  • For initiators and participants of urban changes: social and cultural projects, events in the field of art, landscaping, development
What is expected of you?

  • Regular participation in school events (1 to 3 days per month)

  • A responsible attitude

  • Willingness for a dialogue

  • A desire to make Chisinau a better urban environment
How do I participate in SUP?
To participate in the program, fill out the form by 11:59 PM, November 13, 2022.

Participation in the program is free.

The results of selection will be announced no later than November 15, 2022, via the email indicated in the application form.
What events are planned in
2022-2023 as part of the program?
November 19 - 20, Chisinau
Getting to know for the participants, immersing themselves in the context of Chisinau's development, looking for compatibility and searching for future ideas.
December 14 - 18
SUP Chisinau participants will be able to choose themselves and delegate 10 people from their group to participate in the Urban Camp in Georgia (participation is covered by the organizers).
January - April 2023
Seminars and workshops on urbanism; project development skills and tools; idea labs; team and project consultations.
January - May 2023
Webinars-consultations; project development skills and tools; online lectures on urbanism.
January-May 2023
Urban model games; consultation and support for microprojects.
May 2023
Together with SUP Tbilisi, several participants from Chisinau will go on a five-day visit to Berlin and its' urban initiatives and projects.
May 2023
The Confest is a platform for an open dialogue, a reflection on the city and on us in it. It allows you to look at yourself and your city "from the outside," to meet colleagues from other cities. Confest is not a boring conference, but a smart festival.
SUP can also start other new opportunities for participants.
Who is the organizer of the SUP
and are the experts of the program?
  • CISR e.V. (Berlin)
    Center for Independent Social Research
    CISR e.V. focuses on the support of civil society actors in post-socialist states and Eastern Europe. It implements research, capacity building, educational non-formal projects etc. for young people and experts, from the fields of urban activism, media, gender, migration, social sciences and others.
  • The project is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.
Still have questions?
You can ask questions to SUP Chisinau coordinator Maria Axenti -
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