Beyond new wave of mythologization of WWII
In the context of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, the CISR e.V. is implementing the project "Beyond new wave of mythologization of WWII". The participants - public intellectuals of the post-soviet generation- will have the opportunity to gather extensive experiences in the comparative analysis of memory politics, rituals, and discourses; furthermore, they will visit memory sites of the Second World War in four countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany. The main goal of the project is to create terms and conditions for the sustainable development of a critical approach to the politics of heroization and mythologization of the events of the war.
Friedliche Konflikttransformation
Konflikte im postsozialistischen Raum: Forschung und Beitrag zur friedlichen Transformation
Urbaner Aktivismus
Städtische Aktivismus. Forschung und Projektarbeit zu dem städtischen Aktivismus auf postsowjetischem Raum.
"Küchensoziologische Abende" bei CISR e.V. Berlin sind bereits traditionelle öffentliche Diskussionen, von denen die erste am 21. Februar 2017 stattfand. In freundlicher Atmosphäre werden bei einem Glas Wein auch Rezepte für soziologische und anthropologische Forschung diskutiert. An diesen Abenden laden wir Spezialisten ein, die die Kraft haben, exquisite intellektuelle Gerichte zu kreieren, und professionelle Verkoster, die sie schätzen können.
Migrations- und Integrationspraktiken
Forschung zu Migrationsprozessen und Entwicklung neuer Integrationspraktiken
The Center for Independent Social Research (CISR) e.V.

Central fields of activity and formats of the CISR are:
  1. Development and execution of research projects in the following areas of study: migration and urbanity, social movements, conflicts, and memory politics.
  2. Creating analyses about social, cultural, and political processes in Eastern Europe and post- socialist states, through experts in said fields.
  3. Applied educational work and development of transnational civil-society networks, associations, and organizations.
  4. Action in the scope of peaceful conflict transformations and the creation of space for dialogue.
  5. The creation of educational programs oriented towards public welfare, professional development for youth and young experts in the fields of social sciences, history, and mass media.
  6. Conduction and publication of analytical studies, research reports, and teaching material.

The Center for Independent Social Research (CISR) e.V. is a non-profit organization, which was founded by social scientists, experts, and civil-society actors in Berlin in 2015. Its main focuses are to support and conduct sociological research projects, as well as to promote civil-society developments in post-socialist states. The CISR e.V. members implement civil-society projects professionally and define challenges, which post-socialist societies are confronted with. Their scientific analyses pave the way for effective concepts in dealing with these challenges.
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