«Stories of the snow globe» by Aleksandra Yurieva-Civjane

Do we believe that there is always something that connects us on many levels?

Unexpected things help us understand that between very different people there is a common ground shared by all. It increases trust in each other and creates a sense of closeness. We offer the theme of snow as such a substance. In this workshop, snow acts as a medium. For example, it is something that unites us in different countries and on many levels: memories, fairy tales, dreams, representations, ecological changes and the gradual disappearance of snow in many cities.

We offer a workshop in Russian language for children 8-12 years old. In that way we limit the possible target audience, but we don't emphasize the nationality – any Russian-speaking children can take part in the workshop. First of all, we are focusing on participants who have recently had to move to Germany and find themselves in a difficult psychological situation – in a new culture, a new language environment, and who miss their cities and their friends. They have to get used to the new conditions, build new relationships and learn to trust the new world that now surrounds them.

Aleksandra Yurieva – Civjane is an artist, curator and cultural pedagogue (born in Latvia and grown in Moscow, who lives and works since 2003 in Berlin). She is the co-founder of the international cultural project BUTTERBROT, and of the creative atelier BUTTERBROT_EDUCATION, where she devises, organizes and runs art workshops for children and teenagers.

This event will take place within 19th edition of Barents Spektakel in Kirkenes, Norway in partnership with CISR e.V. Berlin. Barents Spektakel is an international contemporary art festival. This year, for the first time, Berlin will be a "satellite" to the festival, to offer its interpretations of the main theme of this year's festival, "TRUST". Curator of the festival in Berlin: Lilia Voronkova, social anthropologist and curator of cultural projects (CISR e.V. Berlin).

Registrarion link. First 10 registered people will be invited.